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Using the Apple Card to Purchase Crypto is Against its Terms of Use

The specified Apple Card terms for the agreement have made it clear that users are not allowed to use the upcoming card service to make any crypto related transactions. Reuters reported that Goldman Sachs declared the terms on the 2nd of July. Apple is launching the Apple Card in collaboration with Goldman Sachs, an investment…

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Volvo is adopting Blockchain to monitor and control conflict-free Cobalt

Volvo is adopting Blockchain to monitor and control conflict-free Cobalt

The Chinese-owned automobile brand Volvo has launched electric cars that will add blockchain technology to monitor and control conflict-free Cobalt Blockchain implored to tackle Cases of child labor According to recent reports, Volvo has not only indicated interest but have moved to partake in the project that will carefully observe cobalt supply from the Democratic…

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Crypto Technologies in Travel Industry

To begin with, after bitcoin revolutionized blockchain technology, many tech industry leaders started scrambling trying to figure out where this new technology might make sense. The banking industry started experimenting with blockchain tech first. Then, many other industries followed. Surprisingly, the travel industry seems to have the strongest grasp on blockchain tech, and by all…

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Cryptocurrencies Now — What Do the Leaders Think?

The world of cryptocurrency is largely mysterious to our governments and world leaders. That means, it is no surprise that cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin (BTC), are now gaining notoriety, but we stand a very real risk of regulation being placed against crypto due to their ignorance. So, what do different leaders think about cryptocurrencies? Brazil For…

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Report Reveals That One-fifth of All Crypto Dealers in Europe are Women

Although an earlier report continues to point to the fact that males have dominated the crypto industry, its effect might be less pronounced than we envisaged. On the 31st of July, Bitpanda and GlobalWebindex, which are both technology and market research companies released a publication after examining a wide range of data regarding the profile…

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A Moon Blockchain Project

A Blockchain Project that set out to Tokenize and Apportions the Moon. A recent blockchain project has set up and registered a project that would divide and tokenize section of the lunar surface. The project is named Diana, which after the Roman goddess of the Moon and the hunt. The given project that launched on…

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