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Here you find forms of promotion and advertising which you can order. Before submitting an order, please, check your information, files and contact details. We will contact you for confirming and payment.

If you have any question, our support team works 24/7 for you. Feel free to write us!

Token`s logo

Your token`s logo will be located in the Bitcoin Ox mobile application either on iOS or on Android. When users want to create a new wallet or add another one, they will see this logo above all the main cryptocurrencies.

Also, we can add your token in the list of our available crypto in the application (inner and outer descriptions) and on the website

Bitcoin OX advertising

Ad banner

An advertising banner is an excellent form of promotion. From the one hand, it interests and attracts your target audience to your website. From the other hand, for example, an advertising banner can announce the addition of your crypto to the Bitcoin OX wallet.

If you want to make your brand visible, order this type of advertising and choose your own size, design and place: the main page, newsfeed or it can be located on the favorite article page.

Bitcoin OX advertising

Native or special articles

We can write 2 types of ad articles to your order.

The first is an article with native advertisement. So, we find the thematic material by ourselves and put your advertising information there unobtrusively, naturally. Before publishing, we send it ti you for your approval.

The second is your own-written article. You send the article to us and if it supports Bitcoin OX`s style, we publish it immediately. In case of a queue, we announce the near date or you can book the favorite one.

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PR-campaign in SMM

Nowadays cases need modern solutions. One of these is a social media market. Different applications and websites give unique opportunities for each product. We help choose the most suitable for your purpose and post the material.

Available types: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Telegram.

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