USDT can be withdrawn at “traditional” ATMs in Brazil

The issuer of the Tether stablecoin will make USDT available at 24,000 ATMs in Brazil starting on November 3. Tether will allow converting USDT into Brazilian reals through the use of the service of the Brazilian cryptocurrency service provider SmartPay. The platform is integrated with TecBan, a local company that owns 24,000 ATMs under the…

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Vertu put up for sale a cryptophone for 41.5 thousand dollars.

Vertu, which manufactures luxury smartphones, has introduced and launched a series of new METAVERTU devices, calling them “the world’s first Web3 phones”. The line includes 10 models priced from $3.3 thousand to $41.5 thousand. The smartphone supports Web2 and Web3 systems, has a built-in crypto wallet and a marketplace of decentralized applications. The device also…

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Tether has ceased to be backed by commercial promissory notes

Most of the reserves of the USDT stablecoin are now US Treasury securities. According to the company, these are the safest and most liquid assets on the market Tether has announced that it has completely withdrawn commercial securities (promissory notes, unsecured short-term debt instruments issued by private companies) from the security of the Tether (USDT)…

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JPMorgan and Visa cross-border blockchain payments

Visa is working with JPMorgan in the field of blockchain connectivity. Visa B2B Connect will feature JPMorgan’s new Liink Confirm tool for verifying new accounts for cross-border payments and approving accounts during registration. Liink currently has more than 75 members worldwide live and has processed more than 60 million messages so far. Confirmation allows institutions…

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India’s Central Bank Plans to Launch Digital Rupee CBDC

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) aims to raise awareness of CBDCs, which are being developed by a number of central banks around the world, and to clearly define the goals and choices, as well as the potential positive and negative elements of the introduction of the digital rupee in India. The document summarizes the…

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OpenSea will launch a constructor for the release of NFT

The Open Sea trading platform has announced its own constructor, which does not require special knowledge for the release of NFT. The NFT trading platform from Open Sea will provide users with the opportunity to create collections of images based on blockchain without any technical skills. The platform announced this in its blog. As part…

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Ripple’s capitalization has grown by $3 billion in two days

Altcoin has risen in price by 20%, while other leading cryptocurrencies have fallen in price The capitalization of the Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP) increased by $3 billion in two days. On the morning of September 19, it became known that one of the most high-profile court cases in the crypto industry, the US Securities and Exchange…

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The White House. The main goal is crypto.

Here we publish a block of quotes from representatives of the White House. “Digital assets pose meaningful risks for consumers, investors, and businesses,” the Biden administration said, adding there are “frequent instances of operational failures, market manipulation, frauds, thefts, and scams.” “The reports clearly identify the real challenges and risks from digital assets used for…

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Swiss SEBA Bank has launched an Ethereum stacking service

Swiss cryptobank SEBA has announced a service for institutional clients on Ethereum (ETH) stacking, which will allow them to receive remuneration for storing a second cryptocurrency. SEBA’s clients are pension funds, hedge funds, companies, etc. The terms of the contract state that customers will not be able to withdraw the glazed ether until the Shanghai…

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The main events of September

In the coming month, several events will occur at once, which may affect both the value of individual assets and the market as a whole BEAM Hard Fork (BEAM)In early September, the BEAM network will be updated on block number 1,920,000. After the fork, the reward for creating new confidential assets will be adjusted to…

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