Custodial and a non-custodial wallets — which one to choose?

Everyone wants to get privacy when they are online. And one of the important thing is cryptocurrencies. But not all crypto wallets can afford to provide crypto services with privacy option. For example, generate and save your wallet private and public keys in their databases. Well, what we can do ? We have to know…

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Bitcoin OX: Network Infrastructure and Its Opportunities for Crypto Wallet Users

Cryptocurrency wallets are an indispensable part of the virtual currency space. Each time an investor or user makes transactions on the blockchain, cryptocurrency wallets have a role.  Accordingly, the development and differentiation of the wallets is part and parcel of the blockchain revolution. Bitcoin wallets are a way to store your cryptocurrency. Unbeknown to many,…

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Functional Features In Perfect Crypto Wallet

Functional Features In Perfect Crypto Wallet Most will take it upon themselves to shop for a fitting cryptocurrency wallet that matches their needs. After all, in the process of increasing their ROI and boosting sales, wallet start-ups appear to be departing from the core and continually leaning towards lean creativity rather than functionality. And even…

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Ecosystem vs Egosystem: Which is more important?

Introduction The world today is a dynamic place that keeps on changing and evolving. Humanity constantly adapts to changes, sometimes unwittingly to utilize new solutions tailored to the realities at hand. In other words, we live in a world of constant disruption and this shapes our world dramatically. These changes also mean that at any…

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Top 5 Crypto-Wallets in 2019

A cryptocurrency wallet literally means a place you can store your digital assets. Just like you would need a bank account in storing your regular cash, the wallets provide a means to store your cryptocurrency. Crypto-wallets come in different specifications but the broad classification is two-fold; Hot wallets and cold wallets. Cold wallets provide for…

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