6 Unusual & Fantastic Places for Crypto Startupers. The First: Bangkok


Above all, let`s be true: the first place in your imagination is Silicon Valley, isn`t it? Yes, it is so great but here there are some disadvantages. For example, high prices, payments for team living, lots of license`s documents, a closed borders policy and so on. Surely, it depends on your birthplace and income.

Moreover, we think that you believe in use of Canada or England, but what about The South America? During these 2 weeks we want to share with you secrets of wonderful places for opening a crypto startup: what, where, for whom and the other questions. Don`t miss it!


For whom?

For newbie startupers who want to save as much money as they can. Also, for people who just begin their business, can work online and search a country for expanse in The South-East Asia.


Very cheap prices on rent. For instance, you can rent a house with a swimming pool and fitness for 300 dollars! Moreover, pleasant, warm weather attracts everyone and just imagine your work under palms and the sun.

What can you do more?

First, Bangkok is the second city in Asia by startup business, according German Startup Menter. A sea of co-workings for about 3-4 dollars per a day, 70% of citizens have banking cards, everyone has a mobile. It is really digital and development.

Unusual things

The target audience here is women. It seems that 90% of buyers are women in any sphere.


The best way is BOI (a special status). The status gives you a 100% opportunity of foreign own, no limit foreign guests and tax loyalty for 3-5 years. More information you find here.


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