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Using the Apple Card to Purchase Crypto is Against its Terms of Use

The specified Apple Card terms for the agreement have made it clear that users are not allowed to use the upcoming card service to make any crypto related transactions. Reuters reported that Goldman Sachs declared the terms on the 2nd of July. Apple is launching the Apple Card in collaboration with Goldman Sachs, an investment…

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Cryptocurrencies Now — What Do the Leaders Think?

The world of cryptocurrency is largely mysterious to our governments and world leaders. That means, it is no surprise that cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin (BTC), are now gaining notoriety, but we stand a very real risk of regulation being placed against crypto due to their ignorance. So, what do different leaders think about cryptocurrencies? Brazil For…

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The State of Arizona to Test Marijuana-based Stablecoin in State Fintech Sandbox

Arizona has adopted a crypto-based, marijuana-oriented payment initiative into its Fintech sandbox. In a recent release by the attorney general of the state, Alta, which is a company that offers payment solutions to marijuana businesses and dispensaries plans to provide stablecoin at an equal value to the US dollars. Alta aims to test members’ onboarding…

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Company Has Established a Blockchain-Based Phone with an “Ultramodern” Protocol

KaratGold states that the IMpulse K1 has extinct third-party involvement by launching a technology that will offer users the opportunity to chat with secured encryption – ensuring maximum privacy to all forms of conversation. Moreover, it has designed measures to ensure that personal files, data, and crypto transactions are safe even when the device is…

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