6 Unusual & Fantastic Places for Crypto Startupers. The Fourth: Lisbon


Let`s continue to discuss about places which are so comfortable to startups and IT-companies but rare for no reason. By the way, the beginning you can read here, about Puerto Rico — tap here, and about Vilnius — here. Also, the next amazing place is Lisbon.


For whom?

Obviously, it is interesting for Russian technological business which needs a R&D team near the United States, restaurateurs and surfers.


To start European business with minimum costs in the beautiful place with different views. Moreover, it is one of the best areas to grow children, live, communicate. If you speak English, you will be totally free.

What can you do more?

To begin, Lisbon is developing day by day. It started a few years ago when Web Summit, a popular and famous project, moved to the city. According the official version, their own Dublin was too small for them. But according the truth, the government of Portugal paid much money to they upgrade Lisbon. Now it is very well-developed point between the United States and Europe.

Everyone notices that Lisbon is nice for fashion startups and travel business.


To tell the truth, people in Lisbon are a little bit lazy. So, you can spend any time to open business, get documents and other operations. Also, there is an opportunity to make a startup license and move 5 people due to it. But remember that you have to have income at least 325 000€ for the next 5 years.


A slow and old banking system.

Famous startups

Unbabel, Muzzley, GuestU, Forall Phones.


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