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The Crypto-Canadian History: From the Beginning to Nowadays


As we can see, Canada`s Central bank leads different work groups which are working with crypto technologies. Either in the country or globally. According Ernst & Young, for example, Toronto tests blockchain technologies to the government money policy. So, it is really good, but there is one question. What place does a crypto history take…

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Swiss Sygnum and Singapore Banking License: Couple or Not?


Above all, yes, it`s couple now. One of the most popular crypto banks Sygnum has announced that it`s ready to open services in Singapore. Why is the license is very important? First of all, it is a good chance for new market. Secondly, Sygnum begins the first cryptocurrency bank from all Swiss banks which gets…

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The Falling of Nike`s Token and NBA vs China Conflict

NBA China

To begin with, sometimes political and important conflicts start from details. As a result, a small point triggers a wave of negativity and argues. For example, the same situation with NBA-China scandal. What happened with NBA and China? It began 2 weeks ago. According Reuters, an anonymous trader Weibo wrote that a drop in the…

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Malware or Crypto Company — Apple VS North Korean Hackers

Apple North Korean Hackers

Before we gave an example how hackers tried to break crypto or blockchain systems. Unfortunately, sometimes they are successful. Now North Korean hackers the Lazarus APT Group have made special malware which destroys Apple Macs and looks like a crypto company. Therefore, specialist from Apple Inc. and Jamf Patrick Wardle are finding solutions to stop…

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Bitcoin Goes into The One More Sphere: Tobacco Shops in France Accept BTC

Bitcoin Tobacco Shops

Before starting the information, let`s remember how many areas are linked with crypto today. For example, plastics recycling, a coffee industry, fast food, a wine industry, sport or travel industries. So, tobacco shops don`t waste time and they have begun to accept Bitcoin. Where, when, why? More about tobacco shops and Bitcoin This idea was…

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At $34 Million Tokenize Contract, NBA Player Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie

According to reports, Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Professional Basketball Team (Brooklyn Nets) plans to sign a $34 million contract with the NBA. Reportedly to Fox Business, on September 14, after a three-year extension of the NBA contract for $ 34 million, Dinwiddie intends to sell digital tokens tied to the contract, with investors receiving…

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A Crypto Debit Card: How Venezuela Implements Digital Magic in Life

A Crypto Debit Card: How Venezuela Implements Digital Magic in Life

Do you remember we have written about Petro development? So, now there are more great news. CriptoLAGO with Glufco, an investment cryptobank, announced their plans on a crypto debit card. “What we were waiting for, our alliance with Glufco, puts us at the forefront.” What is the crypto debit card? First of all, it will…

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