Malware or Crypto Company — Apple VS North Korean Hackers

Before we gave an example how hackers tried to break crypto or blockchain systems. Unfortunately, sometimes they are successful. Now North Korean hackers the Lazarus APT Group have made special malware which destroys Apple Macs and looks like a crypto company.

Therefore, specialist from Apple Inc. and Jamf Patrick Wardle are finding solutions to stop it once and for all. Everyone knows that Apple`s products are very safe and protected from different viruses and harm programs. So, we have good news that MalwareHunterTeam (MHT) researchers have uncovered this problem.

Does malware of hackers masquerades as the Apple soft?

MalwareHunterTeam and Wardle couldn`t find malware before because it was closely as a strain of Mac malware created by the Lazarus Group too.  Also, today their scheme is the same: they have created JMT Trading, fake cryptocurrency, and downloaded this application on GitHub. So, if a customer downloads the app, a person gets malware in it.

Jamf Patrick Wardle worked with it very hard. Firstly, he analyzed app installations. Secondly, he found out that the malicious functionality of the hackers’ backdoor script. To sum up, Wardle announces that the main purpose of these hackers is a crypto exchange, not simple retail investors.

Meanwhile, MHT is a strong antagonist. From early 2017 to fall 2018, the group was stilling $571 million in crypto. Moreover, they are accused of $532 million hacking Coincheck, Japanese exchange.

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