Linux Security Is Facing New Challenges


Sure, now hackers work as fast as new technologies are developing. So, we never know what they do next time. All the main crypto, blockchain and other digital companies are ready to face different problems. But, to tell the truth, every time it`s very unpleasant and not cheap to win. That`s why the best way is protection. It`s necessary to learn and share any experience in this sphere to build a hard structure and prevent from the opportunity of hackers` attacks. Let`s look at Linux.

Recently, new Linux software has been discovered that can access cryptocurrency mining operations.

On Trend Micro, in its security blog, two experts said they discovered new malware for сrypto jacking Linux. In their opinion, these malwares require special attention. They give hackers full access to the infected machine. Programs load malicious modules to reveal cryptocurrency mining operations. They install and execute code on the system without the consent of the user. It is very difficult for modern security systems to detect such programs.

Crypto jacking is a malicious action in which an infected device is used for hidden mining of cryptocurrencies.

At the end of the summer, McAfee Labs, a cyber-security company, published a report that noted an increase in the number of cryptography campaigns and ransomware in the first quarter of 2019. According to this report, the number of cryptocapture campaigns has increased by 29%.


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