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Malta Joins Blockchain Technologies Due To T-Systems


Despite of some governments don`t believe new digital technologies as crypto or blockchain, the world leaders understand that it is necessary for being on a global arena and developing. For instance, France implements crypto on the mass-level. Also, Canada has been the first country which installed bitcoin-ATM. Now Toronto tests blockchain technologies to the government…

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Coca-Cola Implements Blockchain Technologies


Before we wrote about different partnerships of any companies. Food, drinks, clothes, sport and sportsmen — many types of firms and lots of people work with blockchain and crypto technologies. Yes, surely, it`s a basic thing for us today. But when the giants of business join it, it is fantastic anyway! 2 days ago, Coca-Cola,…

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One Cup of Blockchain: How Digital Technologies Run into the Coffee Industry

coffee blockchain

Sure, no doubt, you remember that we have written about blockchain technologies in different industries of our life. For example, sport, food, travel or music. So, other areas want to develop and increase their business, that`s why they are involving in blockchain too. Huge international coffee companies such as Jacobs Douwe Egberts and Smucker’s cooperate…

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New Study: 20% of Wealthy British Millennials Invested in Bitcoins


Michelmores LLP, a London-based law firm, conducted a survey of wealthy millennials in the UK and found that 20% invested in bitcoins (BTC) and the other cryptocurrencies. A survey published by FXStreet on September 17 showed that among those born between 1981 and 1996 with assets that could be invested in £ 5,000 ($31,000) or…

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How Parsiq Changes Blockchain Analysis and Get New Opportunities


Today Parsiq offers new special tools to different kinds of business for true decisions. Meanwhile, markets rise very fast and need more and more modern skills to monitor blockchain in real time. That`s why we can call it great news. What is Parsiq? Parsiq is a blockchain platform with a purpose to cut manipulations and…

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Bitcoin Cash and HTC: A New Technological Partnership

Bitcoin Cash HTC

Fortunately, there are no “favorites” among cryptocurrencies. So, IT supports either Bitcoin and Ethereum or, for example, Bitcoin Cash (BCH). One of the most popular telecommunication companies, HTC, announced a cooperation with They want to implement an idea of HTC Exodus 1 — a smartphone which supports Bitcoin Cash in the wallet. Also, you…

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Other initiatives of Walmart: What`s next?

Before we wrote about Walmart with blockchain and about the collaboration with IBM. Should we wait for something more? Spoiler: yes, sure. Drug distribution To begin with, a few months ago, IBM and Walmart announced their decision to partner with KPMG and Merck. It was to create a pilot blockchain drug supply chain. KPMG has…

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Walmart in the Blockchain: How Is the Technology Used?

Walmart in the Blockchain: How Is the Technology Used?

Walmart is currently using blockchain technology to create a food tracking system based on the Hyperledger Fabric Linux Foundation. In collaboration with IBM, the retail giant has already tested two proven conceptual designs for testing the proposed system. The first project is actively tracking the origin of mangoes sold by Walmart stores in the USA,…

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“Chain of Origin” and the other blockchain ways of Nestle

Chain of Origin and the other blockchain ways of Nestle

Nestle’ foods aren’t being so quick about releasing their blockchain tracking solutions. Moreover, the Digital Technology Manager, Armin Nehzat, admitted on Sept 5th during an interview that the company has had to develop a “start-up mindset” to push forward with the project. “Chain of Origin” by Nestle First, Nestle’s Australian arm was recently nominated for…

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Amazon is planning on developing a Blockchain Platform for ads and sharing its vacancy expectations

As we remember, Amazon is one of the global enterprises which have created its own blockchain and crypto system. So, if technologies develops, the team increases. That`s why Amazon is on the lookout for expert software developers who would create an add blockchain platform. Ads Blockchain: Amazon New Development To begin with, recently a vacancy…

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