How Parsiq Changes Blockchain Analysis and Get New Opportunities


Today Parsiq offers new special tools to different kinds of business for true decisions. Meanwhile, markets rise very fast and need more and more modern skills to monitor blockchain in real time. That`s why we can call it great news.

What is Parsiq?

Parsiq is a blockchain platform with a purpose to cut manipulations and rise market`s clean. Wide launching of blockchain tools can make crypto a more pleasant and safe place. This platform let users control their crypto. They will look at it in real time due to ParsiQL, a program language.

Moreover, there will be a unique conception — clever triggers. These clever triggers may be used for creating a lot of applications for monitoring and notifications. All of it is true because of “mempools”. Mempool is a mind technology with data base for waiting transactions which are waiting for approves from miners.

Business with Parsiq

Also, Parsiq has some clients now. Crypto exchanges use it to monitor and analyze deposits in real time. Next, users can get a message, in case the program feels strange or bad satiation on the exchange. It`s all for safety. Startups use Parsiq to chase need contracts with initial coin offer (ICO).

Trade monitoring

Using this toolkit, users can track market gamers actions, forecast sales and identify incomes. Moreover, the market analytics toolbar shows current ICOs, checking the information on collected funds for making true decisions.

Parsiq adds security in this matter above all else They want to make crypto safe, more accessible and credible. The next generations for monitoring are planned even stronger and will also work in real time.


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