Bitcoin Goes into The One More Sphere: Tobacco Shops in France Accept BTC

Bitcoin Tobacco Shops

Before starting the information, let`s remember how many areas are linked with crypto today. For example, plastics recycling, a coffee industry, fast food, a wine industry, sport or travel industries. So, tobacco shops don`t waste time and they have begun to accept Bitcoin.

Where, when, why? More about tobacco shops and Bitcoin

This idea was born in France by Keplerk, a crypto startup. According the announcement on October 10, Keplerk tobacco shops made buying Bitcoin from tobacconists in coupons of 50, 100 or 250 euros real. Also, they will launch the opportunity in January 2020. Moreover, there are 5 200 startup`s shops in France, that`s why it will gain forecasting popularity.

We expect good forecasts of crypto adding because know about hard work and perseverance of this company. Before, in January 2019 Keplerk started from 6 tobacco shops. Here, there are 5 200 shops. Here, the company is planning to increase this project to 6 500 shops.

What else shops can accept crypto payments in France?

To begin, crypto is welcome in France. Many popular companies involve it into their business. For instance, 30 French firms as Decathlon or Sephora will add crypto payments by the beginning 2020. So, more than 25 000 shops (ponts-of sale) will connect with Bitcoin.

To sum up, the country finds in crypto more advantages than disadvantages. The speech of Emmanuel Macron and the other leaders is available here.


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