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6 Unusual & Fantastic Places for Crypto Startupers. The Sixth: Tallinn


Sooner or later, but everything ends. That is why our top list finishes today. All these 2 weeks we have been sharing the most interesting places which can make your business better, faster, easier, and more profitable. Check the list: Bangkok; Puerto Rico; Vilnius; Lisbon; Hangzhou. So, now you have an opportunity to increase it…

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6 Unusual & Fantastic Places for Crypto Startupers. The Fifth: Hangzhou


We are happy to introduce a new one place in our topic of the best unusual places for IT-business and startups — Hangzhou. Well, this cultural and modern city, placed in China, attracts you with no doubt. Meanwhile, if you have missed the previous material, you can check it any time. Firstly, Bangkok. Secondly, Puerto…

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Citizens in Hong Kong Invest More Money into Bitcoin and Crypto

Citizens in Hong Kong Invest More Money into Bitcoin and Crypto

China may have major upheaval to handle in Hong Kong, and the citizens of Hong Kong are showing they are serious. It’s been claimed that the citizens of Hong Kong are starting to invest more money into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. On August 28th, Yahoo! Finance reported that several businesses within Hong Kong are now…

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Bitcoin Ranks As 11th As EOS Still Tops China’s Monthly Crypto Rankings

The latest ranking released by Forex, crunched on the 31st of July, shows that bitcoin is the 11th performing cryptocurrency. According to the Chinese CCID Research Institute, the ranking reportedly was based on their application, innovation, and technology. The CCID is a research institute designed by the ministry of industry and information in China to…

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Ryuk cryptovirus found and studied in China

The Ryuk cryptovirus has made its way to China according to Tencent Yujian Threat Intelligence Center, though the security research agency has not commented on the rate of infection. Tencent Yujian Threat Intelligence Center has advised Chinese businesses and government facilities to take such precautions such as deleting emails from unknown entities, disabling macros support…

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Deloitte: China Looking to Use Blockchain as a ‘Strategic Weapon’

     A different approach has been used to tackle the imbalance trade in the exchange market before the this invent of top-five strategic priority, however, the approach has recently started to receive a lot of attention as reputable companies gradually come out with the idea that has brought over 50% solve. Most of the Chinese…

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