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New Smartphone with Cryptocurrency by Samsung and Kakao

New Smartphone with Cryptocurrency by Samsung and Kakao

To begin with, South Korean tech conglomerate known as Kakao Corp., the Google of South Korea, announced a partnership with Samsung on September 5th in which the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will ship a special cryptocurrency edition of the smartphone. So, this version of the Note 10 will come preinstalled with free Klay. Klay is…

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The killer Dapp 2020: Decentralized VPNs?

Last 10 years the phrase virtual private network or VPN to short become mainstream. Today, every teenager knows what it is and why it is necessary to be installed at almost any smartphone, laptop or tablet. Twenty years ago 99% of Internet users could…just use the Internet. Without crutches. But, the situation had been slowly but surely…

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Bitcoin Cash and HTC: A New Technological Partnership

Bitcoin Cash HTC

Fortunately, there are no “favorites” among cryptocurrencies. So, IT supports either Bitcoin and Ethereum or, for example, Bitcoin Cash (BCH). One of the most popular telecommunication companies, HTC, announced a cooperation with They want to implement an idea of HTC Exodus 1 — a smartphone which supports Bitcoin Cash in the wallet. Also, you…

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Company Has Established a Blockchain-Based Phone with an “Ultramodern” Protocol

KaratGold states that the IMpulse K1 has extinct third-party involvement by launching a technology that will offer users the opportunity to chat with secured encryption – ensuring maximum privacy to all forms of conversation. Moreover, it has designed measures to ensure that personal files, data, and crypto transactions are safe even when the device is…

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Useful Tips When Traveling With Bitcoin

In recent years, Bitcoin has become widely acknowledged around the world as a genuine form of currency. The convenience in this highly digital age has caused it to gain popularity in part. People around the world, especially travelers, have adopted the idea of a totally virtual and universal method of payment, avoiding the previously exhausting…

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