InvestmentCoin IEO is Ready to Upgrade Your Project Just Now


To tell the truth, if someone had a chance to bring 2009 back, this person would buy as many Bitcoins as it would be possible. But don`t give up: you can earn money now. From October 15 InvestmentCoin IEO helps interesting projects and strong ideas. Join and try today!

What is InvestmentCoin?

InvestmentCoin is a special fund place. Moreover, their algorithm of work is either simple or unique. So, its team distributes its money to 7 different sectors with lots of crypto businesses. Also, it makes them extremely low-risk and very profitable. After that every 3 months 50% of portfolio exchange to Ethereum and dividends are shared by investors.  The system is clear and easy-to-use.

The fund of InvestmentCoin is huge, it means that you can make deals and get profit due to investments which is unable for individual customers. Except crypto investment, Investment IEO plans to invest in the property and basic shares.

So, the main purpose is increasing profit from the first costs of the investors in 10 times!

How can you enjoy it?

Above all, InvestmentCoin starts on SHORTEX today, October 15. Then, all that you should do is a registration on its website. Moreover, if you register before October 29, you get 66,7% discount. Also, if you want to join from November 5 to November 19, you will get 33,3% discount. Anyway, you have a chance before December 10. Don`t miss 2009 and catch 2019! Come on, don`t be late!


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