One of the most important features in crypto: how to avoid third-party commissions

Probably, the first thought, which runs in your head, is about necessity of crypto: you can pay by a credit card, so you don`t need something else. Of course, it`s a good choice for daily moves but there some situations when it`s not true. For example, you want to send a big sum very fast or send any money abroad. You cannot be sure that an operation will be on time. According holidays, it`s almost the same: there is a great risk of delay. There are special companies which can help but they get a commission or a service charge depending on quantity and locations. So, obviously, crypto is the best way to save either money or time. Just one interesting example: In the USA all banks were closed on President`s Day 2019 and there were enormous bitcoin transactions — about of 7 billion dollars (up to 1 billion dollars by P2P).  

Crypto has been running step by step into all parts of life. Retail creates online shops and marketplaces with a crypto paying system; finance institutions begin to add crypto in banks that means we can believe one day it will be able to manage crypto due to them; media and entertainment work with bloggers, influencers, artists on blockchain platforms. Also, sport, pharmacy, education and many more spheres are linked with crypto nowadays.

All these facts show how you can use cryptocurrency every day. The most important and significant advantage is available to send any money to any person in any place in any time without third-partly control or commissions. There`re a few disadvantages which you might face, so let`s discuss. Firstly, it`s a cyber-attack. Fortunately, blockchain systems begin better, stronger and more secure week by week, also, a high competition of the companies only contributes to this development. And secondly, for example, other people can steal your passwords or keys from wallets. But your safety is under your own control. Use only tried wallets and hold private information.

In summary, crypto market is very useful and comfortable, that`s all why you should try it with no fears.


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