Eleven Free Resources to Learn Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency

The best thing about the digital technology industry is its constant evolution – developing new ideas and practical implementation. Although some people are fast learners, others require some set of consistent guidelines to catch up with the emerging industry.

So, to achieve this, we have compiled 11 reliable resources where both the pro and the beginner can learn everything regarding Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency.

Firstly, Introduction to Digital Currency by Andreas Antonopoulos

The free online course is known as DFIN 511 and is offered by the UNIC. Through this course, Andreas introduces bitcoin and other cryptos on a broader perspective in relation to money, before streamlining it to practical applications and the connections between these currencies. You do not require a prior knowledge, and you will also take a final exam at the end of the course.

Secondly, Coinbase Learn

Coinbase has set-aside some set of leaning materials for all who want to understand the concept of crypto trading. It ranges from mining, buying and selling, and other related activities. The mini-course, although concise, provides meaningful knowledge to beginners in the crypto industry.

Thirdly, Coursera

Here the course is offered by Princeton University, under the name ”Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency technologies.” The course covers the basics to the relationship between various cryptographic concepts. So, the video course is very comprehensive, but it does not have a certificate of completion. Moreover, the lecturer is Arvind Narayanan, an asst. professor of computer science at the University. 

Fourthly, EdX

Another outstanding resource by EdX, which offers a specialized tutorial on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Also, it has another section that specializes in the practical approach to Bitcoin blockchain. The two tutors are undergraduates and members of the Berkeley blockchain group. To get a certificate of completion, you have to pay about $ 99, but the course itself is free.  

Fifthly, YouTube 101 Blackboard Series

Next, this YouTube channel specializes in releasing regular series about the technical factors within bitcoin.  As a result, it covers the parts of private keys, approach to risks associated with scaling and centralization.

Sixthly, Ethereum

Through the official Ethereum website, beginners can learn a lot about Ethereum. However, it is the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after bitcoin. Then, the course helps to provide regular knowledge and updates on the practices within the digital industry. It begins from the basics to advanced information on the coin.

Seventhly, Introduction to Cryptocurrency and BlockChain by Udemy

In short, Udemy provides a 2-hour free video tutorial on the fundamentals of distributed systems and their position in the monetary ecosystem. Perhaps a better option for learners who want to work at a slower rate than that of Coinbase flashcards, but do not want to go deeper into more comprehensive outline like those offered by EdX and Coursera.

At eight, Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies by EdX

Linux Foundation handles the EdX course. Then, the course introduces students to blockchain and the function of Hyperledger in the crypto space. Also, it provides the necessary tools that are required. So, it is basically for non-technical business individuals who want to learn the blockchain principles that do not involve Bitcoin, Ethereum, and similar cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it is a free course, but certification is not free. 

At nine, Blockchain Essentials by DeveloperWorks

So, the video course was created alongside IBM tutors. It covers the fundamentals of blockchain and also provides a demo and lab component where you can practice using the Hyperledger framework. 

At ten, Coinbase Learn

So, this course is quite interesting, in that, it diversifies its focus from the popular Bitcoin and Ethereum offered by other classes. Besides, it gives students a small amount of crypto for answering questions regarding the topic. Also, the partner will get a more comprehensive knowledge of Altcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

At eleven, Cryptoeconomics Textbook

To sum up, this is not a video course, but a small textbook from the Ivey Business school in Canada. So, the book was written in collaboration with the University of Western Ontario to cover a mini-outline of bitcoin and its economic impact.


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