Cryptojacking Code Uncovered in 11 Open Libraries with Thousands Infected

Of course, we all know that cryptocurrency is very reliable and secure. However, unfortunately, this does not mean that it cannot be abducted. Also, as the crypto defense system grows, so do the skills and inventiveness of hackers. A few lines of code are enough, and cryptocurrency holders are already in a serious situation. Moreover, sometimes this happens on a fairly large scale. So, recently cryptojacking code uncovered in 11 open libraries with thousands infected.

What Happened?

Cryptojacking code was discovered in 11 open libraries. The scripts were written in Ruby and have recorded multiple downloads.

The industry news agency, Decrypt, reports that these hackers wrote the code, infected it, and then, placed it on the RubyGems network. 

The alarm was first raised by a GitHub user who reported that whenever you run these codes, the library will install extra codes from another hosting device, Pastebin, which, will then, activate the infected mining.

The virus will as well transfer the location and other environmental information of the infected user to the hackers. However, some users believe that RubyGem should adopt a two-step verification check to avoid such compromise.

An Obvious Projected Cryptojacking Code

Out of the 11 affected libraries, five of them were crypto based. Among them, coin_base, a crypto library had about 424 multiple installations while blockchain wallet had 423 downloads.

Before, in our earlier reports, we Varonis, a cybersecurity company, has uncovered a new crypto-hijacking malware known as “Norman.” The malware was explicitly built to mine Monero (XMR) repeatedly without being noticed. 


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