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Bitcoin OX Wallet

Crypto Currency has played another vital role in the world of the market transaction using another payment method in the selling and buying system. It is an entirely new type of currency that has just started to strike the world mainstream markets. Crypto” or “crypto currencies” are the type of a software system which provides…

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BitMEX Owner Awards a grant of $60K to Bitcoin Developer Michael Ford

As per the recent announcement, Bitcoin Core Contributor Michael Ford, titled as “fanquake,” received an award of $60,000 from the parent company of the leading crypto derivatives platform, BitMEX. In an official communiqué published on July 12, BitMEX owner and administrator HDR Global Trading announced its judgment to award the grant to Ford, revealing that…

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Crypto Industry Q2 2019

After the downward turn of early 2018, the crypto industry seems to be recovering steadily after Q2 2019 marked the first sustained recovery since. Market capitalization went from $144 billion in March to $339 billion in June, but how does this translate to the rest of the industry? The market The steady market growth has…

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BitTorrent, TRON Launches fast downloading software powered by crypto

On July 8, BitTorrent, the well-known peer-to-peer torrent client informed the general public through an official press release of its plans to launch BitTorrent Seed, a new software program for downloading. This software features a token functionality, which is what users need to attain faster downloads. According to reports, earlier this year, BitTorrent launched BitTorrent…

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Bitcoin Price Slips 10% in 24 Hrs

Bitcoin’s share price dropped more than 10% within 24-hours after the U.S. made public criticism regarding Facebook’s new cryptocurrency called Libre Coin. It wasn’t only Bitcoin that suffered, though. All cryptocurrencies seemed to take a hit in value with Litecoin and Ethereum taking some of the biggest hits with a loss at close to 15%…

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How the food industry makes use of blockchain technology

As Blockchain is continuously expanding to various parts of the economy, the food and beverage industry is most certainly one of the areas where this technology is being used. Over the past few months, lots of companies including ‘big guns’ like Starbucks, Nestlé and Carrefour have given reports on their latest initiatives powered by Blockchain.…

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Blockchain Disruption of the Insurance Sector

Blockchain was all the rage in new tech only a few years ago as Bitcoin grew in popularity. It wasn’t the cryptocurrency itself that made the technology so appealing, but rather that specific blockchain ledger technology. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, only proved how well blockchain could work in theory. Though the blockchain rage has died…

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Quantum Computing Vs. Blockchain: Impact on Cryptography

Blockchain ledgers which are cryptographically secured are practically “unbreakable” under normal conditions when you take into consideration the present state of computational technology. Its unbreakable nature which is dependent on the assumption that technology remains the same. Meaning, if there is a change in the way computing is currently being executed, blockchain systems as we…

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Canadian Company plans to Upgrade Millions of ATMs to Sell Bitcoin

Coinsquare, the Canadian exchange start-up has procured a software which enables regular ATMs to sell cryptocurrency like bitcoin (BTC), as disclosed in a press statement on July 3rd. Coinsquare announced major investment in Just Cash, a US based fintech start-up which developed a software that enables users to buy cryptocurrencies directly via regular ATM machines…

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