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Crypto Technologies in Travel Industry

To begin with, after bitcoin revolutionized blockchain technology, many tech industry leaders started scrambling trying to figure out where this new technology might make sense. The banking industry started experimenting with blockchain tech first. Then, many other industries followed. Surprisingly, the travel industry seems to have the strongest grasp on blockchain tech, and by all…

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Useful Tips When Traveling With Bitcoin

In recent years, Bitcoin has become widely acknowledged around the world as a genuine form of currency. The convenience in this highly digital age has caused it to gain popularity in part. People around the world, especially travelers, have adopted the idea of a totally virtual and universal method of payment, avoiding the previously exhausting…

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A Travel Guide: welcome to Prague

Prague is a home for visitors, travelers, and tourist, due to its unique culture, elegance, and acceptability of cryptocurrencies. Prague also houses the SatoshiLabs – a company that hosts thousands of hackers to a conference annually. Today, in this guide, we shall briefly point our focus to the use of cryptocurrency (mainly Bitcoin and Litecoin)…

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