Report Reveals That One-fifth of All Crypto Dealers in Europe are Women

Although an earlier report continues to point to the fact that males have dominated the crypto industry, its effect might be less pronounced than we envisaged.

On the 31st of July, Bitpanda and GlobalWebindex, which are both technology and market research companies released a publication after examining a wide range of data regarding the profile of all crypto dealers in Europe.

They reported that in contrast to the initial estimation of 90% participation of males, the recent analysis had proven the gender participation to be 78% male and 22% female. Besides, about 30% female crypto holders are reported to be among the top 10% of the highest-earning traders, and that’s about 21% against 16% of the male folks – and about 3.3.

Further breakdown of the study reveals that female investors have about 1.3x probability of working in the finance sector compared to women who are non-crypto dealers. Male crypto dealers have about 2.6x more tendency to work in the financial industry compared to other non-crypto male workers.

Females and males have the same chances of working in the marketing sector (2.3x). Also, crypto dealers who are women have 1.9x tendency to work in the banking sector compared to males (2.2x).

Considering the interest of crypto dealers in Europe, the study shows that there is a higher dichotomy in interest between female investors and non-investors as compared to male dealers and non-dealers. Also, there is a more significant drift between females and males in interests such as technology, gambling, computer, coding, and finance.  

The conclusion that was reached from the report which considered a more extensive range of profiles of European crypto dealer’s lifestyle, choices, interests, and investment had many similarities to previously published one, and the changes that have occurred in the industry over time.

Regarding geographical profiles, there are more young, well-to-do, and online crypto dealers in Europe. The highest investors are in Switzerland (about 14% assets holders and 7% internet operators).

Although the UK is ranked as the 11th country with more crypto dealers, there is about 3-times higher dominance of crypto investors than any other state within Europe.

A study conducted in the US reported that about 9% of younger investors prefer crypto as the best investment option for the future – a notable increase when compared to the older generation of investors.


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