Ukraine Nuclear Plant Compromise: Crypto Miners under detention for Security Breach

First of all, Ukraine security agents have arrested operators of the Yuzhnoukrainsk nuclear power plant for engaging in crypto mining activities.

Also, this development was revealed on the 21st of August by Ukrainian news platform, UNIAN. According it, the crypto miners breached the nuclear facility security protocol by using the mining plant’s internet services. So, the aftermath was that some confidential operations of the plant had been leaked on its physical protection system.

Moreover, the Ukraine nuclear plant security service got a warrant to arrest these miners and carried out an inquiry into their operations. So, in the course of this, they uncovered several unapproved computer facilities together with a media converter. They also found fiber-optic cables and network cables. 

Ukraine Nuclear Plant Operators Mined Bitcoin with a Supercomputer

Also, some engineers at the Russian Federal Nuclear Center got arrested in February 2018. That means, they tried to use the nation’s biggest supercomputers to mine Bitcoin.

“These computers can process up to 1,000 Trillion calculations in a second. It was blocked from internet access due to security reasons.’’ Said Tatiana Zakesskaya, the leader of the press team for the institute. 

Nuclear Energy and Blockchain

Sometimes last year, Russia’s nuclear energy giant, Rosatom, revealed its plans to adopt blockchain technology in the energy industry. From the other hand, the Internet of things and artificial intelligence are part of the technological advancement it intends to include.

“We remain devout to implementing 4.0 technologies on a broader scale. The adoption of IoT, Blockchain, and AI is to improve the output of our manufacturing process.”

To sum up, while making the announcement last year, Rosatom was already recruiting individuals with the needed expertise in these three fields.


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