On July 3, during a joint press conference by two big Companies in Europe, they announced the arrival of the first authentic bitcoin (BTC) bond the world will witness.
The two companies are; A securitization company known as Argento located in Luxembourg and another, the London Block Exchange (LBX) based in London. These are two big firms that worked in alignment with each other to give-out a Bitcoin-based bond. The bond is registered with the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who shall distribute and control the circulation of the product.
In his words, the Manager of Argento said: “We are delighted to have formed and produced the first Bitcoin-based financial asset in the world.”
“The large investment banks specifically hit the jackpots this time”
What are the Advantages of the Argento-LBX bond?
The new Bond is the first cryptocurrency product that will be controlled by a financial body. This is good news for Investors as they will not experience the usual bitcoin deregulation with this product. Similarly, it is made available for all investors to purchase through the Bloomberg Terminal. Also, it has set the pace to become the first crypto asset to have an ISIN code.
The bonds come in various packages with different durations. The name for each is coined using crypto-related terms such as ‘FOMO,’ ‘HODL,’ ‘MOON.’ It makes it easy because these are familiar words in the crypto world.
Moreover, LBX reiterated that their primary target in the bond market are the HODL investors (HODLers)
“This is the perfect product for bitcoin holders or investors who have no plans to sell their coins in years to come…,” Said Benjamin Davies (CEO Argento)
“For the first time in history, these investors now have an alternative to increasing their wallet funds without having to bother about the uncertainties of the fiat market”
Before this new invention, several developing nations of the world have informed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of their interest to issue Bitcoin-related bonds.


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