Most Significant Events Blockchain 2019

Since the crypto market is still a developing market, these leaders have deemed it fit to annually come together to visualize and brainstorm the latest updates or changes regarding the digital currencies. This global mutual collaboration among world crypto leaders is becoming increasingly pertinent, mainly due to the daily growth of the industry.
Moreover, they shall also look at problems and challenges that are encountered by the crypto industry, which is causing a setback in its consistency.

The 2019 Asia CryptoExpo is a program that will witness the coming together of the most notable traders and crypto investors all around the world. The trade-fair program, which will hold at various countries in Asia, is aimed at discussing the latest development in the blockchain sector.
Events that are expected to hold within the remaining months of the year include:
World’s eSports and Blockchain Summit in Singapore – the program will witness the coming together of influential men from all over the world. It will hold at Marina Bay Sands, and the topic of the summit is also on the impact of Blockchain, challenges faced, and its relevance to other sectors of a country’s economy. The program will hold between the 16th till 17th of July 2019.
Crypto Expo 2019 in Vietnam by November 9 – About 3000 guests from several parts of Asia are expected in the event: these will include miners, financial experts, investors, crypto traders, businesspeople, managers of famous crypto exchanges, stock brokers, and individuals who have taken cryptocurrency trading as their day-to-day activities.
Suntec 2019 Blockchain summit in Singapore – this program will hold on the 20th of August 2019. It will feature distinguished speakers and individuals who shall gather together to brainstorm on the challenges so far, and the prospect for the cryptocurrency industry. Among notable speakers are Celine Le Cotonnec (Chief Data officer, AXA Insurance Singapore) and lots more.
There are also other events that will take place aside from this, such as the Korea BlockChain conference holding in the 24th of July 2019 and several others which we shall update you as soon as they are announced.

In general, all these events will focus on these critical topics:
 The current state of the Blockchain and Crypto sector and its future growth and engagement;
 The projected value for Altcoins within the year and in subsequent years;
 Cryptocurrency portfolio: how to keep a proper diary;
 The major factors that will determine the choice of exchangers;
 The increase in other crypto affiliated products, their market value, and techniques for traders;
 The latest product and services that are available for a wide range of investors.
Besides, the keynote speakers will be financial experts from all around the world, not only Asia. These men will dissect the crypto market by diving into the techniques and principles behind every successful digital investment. Provide insights on the latest tools that will help young and upcoming traders or investors, and also, highlight the risk factors attached to each process.


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