MARVELS` World eSport and Blockchain Summit 2019 in Singapore

It`s a well-known fact that blockchain conferences in Asia are always great, very interesting and unusual, so World eSport and Blockchain Summit, which was running from 16 to 17 of July in Singapore, hasn`t been an exception. The event united the most professional opinion leaders, influencers, lawyers, eSport and blockchain experts, businessmen, startup leaders, investors, top politicians and representators from the bank market. One thousand guests and the 20 countries (Singapore, China, Russia, The USA, The Great Britain, Germain, Dubai, Switzerland and many more) gathered to discuss actual and important issues.

A team of the organizers spoke to itself, for example, the 8th Secretary General of the United Nation Ban Ki-Moon, Chairman of Korea CEO Summit and Chairman of Korea eSports Industry Association Park Bong-Kyu, Founder & Chairman of Verbass Capital Malaysia Royal family Johor Bahru, Chairman & Co-Founder of Power Ledger Jemma Green, President of Singapore Fintech Association CEO of CTIA Chia Hock Lai, CEO of DAO MBA Sergey Sevantsyan, President of Rose Water and Vice President of Resolute Fund Koby Isik and the others. They held themes such as an integration blockchain in different life sectors and using blockchain decisions in simple daily questions. The Summit included as many as 9 panel discussions.

Moses Wanki Park, Barrister at Law at Liberty Chambers and one of the speakers on the MARVELS` Summit, shared his expectations of this special event and his own impressions of the most powerful guests like Ban Ki-Moon:

Also, Kim Ryu-Hyun, Founder & CEO of Xank, answered the questions about present stability of crypto, people`s fears and necessary features in the blockchain market:

There was an amazing and art party at the end of the World eSport and Blockchain Summit: all the visitors could enjoy paintings and sculptures of very famous artists and buy everything they want, surely, by crypto.


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