he Best Freelance Sites To Work, Earn Crypto And Store At Bitcoin Ox

Having a Cryptocurrency wallet shouldn’t tie you to trading activities only. There are opportunities on the internet that can enable you to actually earn Bitcoin and store it. The internet is undoubtedly a dynamic marketplace that has transformed the nature of commerce. There are numerous services on various web platforms where you need not to meet face to face with clients.

The nature of work has naturally undergone a revolution in the internet era. The concept of rigid day office jobs is no longer universally applicable.

Accordingly, various freelance websites that offer such services or hire freelancers have popped up. These range from writing, coding, design, video creation, editing, and translation to a whole lot other internet services. As a result, the internet is an employer for tens of millions; potentially hundreds of millions globally.

Some of these sites have hopped onto the virtual currency train. This is because the proportion of Bitcoin users grows each day and such platforms cater to this demographic. In the past three years especially, Bitcoin has gotten traction in internet circles. Even social sites like Reddit have a significant cryptocurrency community. In this regard, it is fair to claim that some of these platforms add BTC to increase their reach for top freelancers. Some of the most innovative tech minds also happen to be big on virtual currencies. Let’s look at some of these sites;

1. CryptoGrind

Richard Macarthy launched his website a few years ago and it is currently one of the best Bitcoin paying platforms out there.  This platform connects freelancers and clients for a whole range of services. One of the highest earning freelancers on the site, for instance, is named ‘Billy’. He offers Bitcoin payment integration for websites and seems to be thriving. You state your information on your profile including prices for services and expertise.

This is a reliable platform that enables you to earn Bitcoin seamlessly. Upon employer satisfaction, payment is immediate and you can send it to your Bitcoin Ox wallet address. The charges are fair and you can get an additional commission for introducing people to the platform. Overall, it is a decent place to showcase your skills during your free time and make the most of it.

2. XBTFreelancer

XBT is different from Cryptogrind in that freelancers actually bid for jobs on the site. Employers post writing, translation, web design and development jobs among others for freelancers. The bidding process is built on the basis of competence and competitive pricing. This means that building a solid freelancer takes some time but once you get there comes plenty of work. Users can utilize the escrow feature to avoid getting scammed.

3. Coinality

Coinality is another platform making some headwind among those in the cryptocurrency freelance trade. The site is popular because of the impressive number of employers at hand looking for freelancers. Those good in programming, web design and content writing have their work cut out.

Employers give respective details on how to apply for jobs. In that regard, it is not exactly a bidding or matching platform.  Payment details vary with the job as well. Normally, most employers prefer freelancers registered on platforms like Upwork for upfront payments.

4. Jobs4Bitcoins

This is a social media setting affiliated with Reddit. There is a feature called the subreddit which features both “for hire” and “hiring” posts. The site has become popular given that Reddit is a mainstay for a lot of crypto enthusiasts.  Subreddits are really as simple as Facebook groups.

The subreddit has more than 20,000 members globally. This made it a significant platform and the social nature of the platform encourages members to seek out each other. Looking for a job/ someone to hire is a simple as sending a chat conversation. The notification feature on Reddit makes it ideal for freelancing as you can get jobs at regular updates. You can get payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum and various other cryptocurrencies as agreed with the employer.

5. Crypto Jobs

This is yet another jobs board for employers to find qualified candidates. These employers seek clients either on either a full-time or part-time basis for desired tasks.

There are thousands of members on the site which makes it a suitable site for finding employment. The categories that include developing dApps and other blockchain related tasks. Besides, you can also do a decent amount of writing jobs on offer. This is, in summary, a great place to work and stock up your Bitcoin Ox wallet.

Earning from freelance sites

Essentially, you can work from home seamlessly on these freelance platforms. All you need is a suitable computer and internet connection. Needless to say, you need the specific skills in question to perform as per the employer’s requirements.

Bitcoin Ox is undoubtedly a reliable ally in this endeavor. This is because it is a secure multicurrency wallet. You can simply install the wallet on your pc and use it to receive crypto payments.  Most of the times payment will be in Bitcoin but this wallet has you covered just in case.


In conclusion, the online space is abuzz with endless options for skilled people. This means that there are more opportunities than ever to earn besides traditional jobs. Freelance jobs definitely employ millions globally. Payment using cryptocurrency is the new frontier in the freelance world. Bitcoin Ox is the ideal wallet partner in this endeavor. Install it today and be part of this exciting possibility.


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