EnCirca Now Open to receive ETH Domain-based Applications

EnCirca, a firm that is responsible for licensing domains, has declared that it will begin to accept applications for ETH-based domains up till the 10th of August 2019. EnCirca, established in 2001, is the most famous among companies approved by ICANN to license domains to companies that require a secure URL. The company provides services such as cybersecurity, DNS security, SSL certificates, website hosting, and email authentication, all on a secured platform.  

Moreover, they also stated that they are the first firm granted permission to register ETH-based domains by ICANN.

ICANN is a non-profit organization that developed strategies that control and regulate Internet domain names.

EnCirca stated that they were propelled to make this move because they felt there is a need to establish a platform to control crypto-based (.ETH) domain just as we have for .com and .org.

The likely aftermath of this move is the possible elimination of cyber-squatters who take advantage of the non-existing trademark protection as a disguise to squat with other brands. So major brands can capitalize on this to guard against such squatters.

“I’m glad about this development because it will enable a multitude of internet users to have their customized crypto wallets for making transactions […]. Therefore, we at EnCirca is providing a stable alternative route for brands to guard their trademarks.’’

There are two categories of domains that will be licensed by EnCirca:

  1. Long domain names – It started licensing longer domain names in May 2017. About 300,000 brands have received license so far, and due to its low competition, brands will receive approval according to the time they file their application.
  2. Shorter domain names – such kind of domain names have a maximum of six characters.  Due to the competitive nature of shorter domains, the company will approve brands’ application according to how long they have been operating previous .com or .org domain.

Etherum is the World’s most prominent cryptocurrency after bitcoin. It was established in 2015, six years after bitcoin, and to provide simple domain names to digital wallets, so that users can relate easily with suck names.


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