CCN Questions Shutdown Plans as Google Seems to Correct Visibility

In new resolution Cryptocurrency news outlet (formerly CryptoCoinsNews) has reversed its abrupt decision to shut down, staff confirmed in an article on June 12.
CCN says it is still working to understand changes in its online visibility and published a warning that it will cease operations immediately over an ongoing Google indexing.
Per Cointelegraph report an update to Google’s algorithm supposedly produced a prompt 70% drop in traffic for CCN, with executives subsequently saying they had no choice but to forsake the project.
As of now, support from Google has changed the plans for a total shutdown. Apparently the algorithms are flagging articles under CCN’s old CryptoCoinsNews identity.
“While we’ve been working in the dark, trying to get to the bottom of our massive visibility drop on Google, a friendly helper in Google’s forum mentioned that ‘’ — our previous domain — is reappearing in Google searches,” Wednesday’s update, written by CCN Markets director Jonas Borchgrevink, states.
Borchgrevink adds:
“That was a massive surprise for us as I personally requested a domain name change in 2017 from to Since that change, ‘’ was effectively absent on Google. Now it’s back and is inexplicably using recent 2019 articles from This is abrupt and confusing.”
According to reports that all cryptocurrency media sites except one — Bitcoinist — had suffered as a result of Google’s update. However, Cointelegraph’s traffic was not actually affected by the Google Core Updated as previously reported.
The latest developments do not guarantee a full return, the publication added, and attempts to correct the initial drop continue. CCN’s initial announcement of their closure had also noted that they would be moving the news platform for journalists, knowns as CCN team to


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