Bitcoin OX: Target Audience and Future Perspectives

The exponential rise of cryptocurrencies over the past decade has been phenomenal to watch. This is because the dynamic of a seemingly fringe innovation taking the world by a storm is quintessential tech. Needless to say, there are a handful of other accessories that have come about as part of this revolution. The cryptocurrency wallet is one of these accessories that make the virtual currency world tick.

Bitcoin OX is a relatively new cryptocurrency wallet with a distinction. This ambitious project is already gaining important traction in the coin community making it a must-have. Wallets come in different molds for different user needs but Bitcoin OX is still a consensus pick.

Regardless, certain investors and users will get optimal service from Bitcoin OX on account of the project’s specifications. This is because even the leading technology brands in the world work best only for certain kinds of users. Let’s first look at this wallet’s features to help in ascertaining the right target audience.

Bitcoin OX Specifications

Bitcoin OX comes with the promise of being the world’s powerful blockchain wallet. In this regard, the wallet is a meeting point for pretty much everything you would want in a cryptocurrency wallet.

The trick lies in the ingenious combination of different wallet functions to arrive at differentiated solutions rather than just specific ones meant for certain kinds of users. Naturally, this has helped Bitcoin OX have some traction in its relative infancy. Besides, a lot of users would see value in the multi-lingual support, and compatibility Bitcoin, ETH, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin; all significant players in this industry.

Moreover, the wallet is literally free with the only transaction fees being in the sending of cryptocurrency. The use of the wallet and receipt of coin will not incur charges. There are also plans in the pipeline to offer support of all ERC 20 tokens, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash SV, Ethereum Classic and more.

Let’s look at all of these features in summary before making a generalized computation of the target audience:

Summary of the Bitcoin OX Features

  • This wallet comes with incredible versatility as it offers full access to Xpub, Xpriv, seed, and addresses. This variety boosts your operational capabilities making life easier. The capabilities mean that the wallet is efficient and the user can expect no glitches is using the wallet.
  • Bitcoin Ox supports Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 39 for Mnemonic code. This means the wallet is compatible, Heuristic Deterministic and you can easily recover your wallet thanks to the passphrases which you can back up.
  • Personalized control of private keys since there are no copies on private servers means enhanced security for your digital assets. Besides, the user gets to enjoy Hierarchical deterministic address architecture for increased transaction privacy.
  • The wallet has remarkable ease of use. Besides, it comes complete with fiat currency conversion rates saving you time.  This is actually pretty high on the interests of a lot of users because the best solutions a lot of times turn out to be some of the simplest.
  • The wallet features a single code base across all devices. This is efficient because it ensures rapid integration of new features across all versions and devices with minimal individual customization.
  • There is QR support meaning you can easily send or receive payments without copy pasting or manually writing addresses. Addresses are notoriously cumbersome and Bitcoin OX makes this convenience possible.
  • A convenient user app is in the works to increase ease of use and create the perfect conditions even for mobile phone users. It goes without saying that mobile phone usage forms a critical component of day to day lives for Billions. No serious wallet platform would be possible without tapping this market. The app will facilitate easy exchanges, deposit, and withdrawals. Additionally, you can buy and sell services better by using this option.

Bitcoin OX target audience and future plans

From the above features and services, Bitcoin OX clearly has a broad-based target audience. Those who will be best served include:

  1. Bitcoin related businesses such as payment gateways since Bitcoin OX is ready to cooperate with Payments Gateways, Exchanges and E-Commerce to make payments more efficient.
  2. At the moment, holders of Bitcoin, ETH, BCH and Litecoin. These are the major coins in cryptosphere and they represent a significant part of the market. Moreover, Bitcoin OX will soon be usable for ETC, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin SV.
  3. Low volume coin users. Bitcoin OX is a free wallet and works efficiently for small-scale holders just as well as for Bitcoin payment gateways.
  4. Mobile coin traders. With an efficient mobile app, trading using Bitcoin wallet is seamless and this adds an untapped pool of customers to its base.
  5. Any and every user with a keen interest in efficient service and support which is not a trait automatically synonymous with cryptocurrency wallets.

Future plans

Bitcoin OX has plans in the works to improve their services; which is something to expect from such serious projects. These are laid out on the platform website and include; an InApp coming soon to facilitate easy Exchanges Deposit and Withdrawals, Payment gateways and BankCards. Moreover, the development team intends to add node options and cross-platform exchanges. Needless to say, there is also the incorporation of a lot of ERC-20 as supported cryptocurrencies. These changes will make Bitcoin OX more competitive.


Bitcoin OX is a burgeoning project destined for greater heights. The wallet has a reach and service delivery that is quite unprecedented in this field. It is not a matter of if but when it goes global and truly exceptional in cryptocurrency circles.


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