Friend.Tech’s financial indicators are on the rise in anticipation of an upcoming airdrop and the release of Version 2.

Built on Base, a layer-2 network, Friend.Tech introduces a novel concept where crypto influencers on X can issue “shares” for exclusive access to closed group chats. These chats offer valuable insights into trading, token selections, and potential seed-funding opportunities, increasing the attractiveness of the shares for users.

Anticipation builds as version 2 of the application is set to launch after April 20, promising expanded features to appeal to a broader audience beyond X.

Developers have also hinted at the introduction of the FRIEND token, which users speculate will be distributed based on accumulated points earned through Friend.Tech usage.

At its peak in August, was generating over $1 million in daily fees and amassed over 100,000 unique users, a remarkable feat in the crypto application landscape. However, activity waned over time due to security concerns and shifting market dynamics, leading to a decline in user engagement since November.