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Bitcoin Ranks As 11th As EOS Still Tops China’s Monthly Crypto Rankings

The latest ranking released by Forex, crunched on the 31st of July, shows that bitcoin is the 11th performing cryptocurrency. According to the Chinese CCID Research Institute, the ranking reportedly was based on their application, innovation, and technology. The CCID is a research institute designed by the ministry of industry and information in China to…

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Company Has Established a Blockchain-Based Phone with an “Ultramodern” Protocol

KaratGold states that the IMpulse K1 has extinct third-party involvement by launching a technology that will offer users the opportunity to chat with secured encryption – ensuring maximum privacy to all forms of conversation. Moreover, it has designed measures to ensure that personal files, data, and crypto transactions are safe even when the device is…

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Report Reveals That One-fifth of All Crypto Dealers in Europe are Women

Although an earlier report continues to point to the fact that males have dominated the crypto industry, its effect might be less pronounced than we envisaged. On the 31st of July, Bitpanda and GlobalWebindex, which are both technology and market research companies released a publication after examining a wide range of data regarding the profile…

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Bahrain-based Crypto Exchange firm Becomes the first in the Middle East to be approved by the Central Bank

Latest reports have shown that the crypto exchangers, Rain, located in Bahrain, is the first to obtain a license from the Middle East financial regulatory body. This is coming from the blog released by Rain, where it confirmed that Central Bank of Bahrain had given the company the Crypto Asset Module license to operate. Fortunately,…

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IRS plans to send compliance letters to crypto investors

Following a press release on July 26, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), The United States, is set to commence dispatching letters to investors in crypto in order to sort out all tax requirements for crypto tax. Following the assessment, it intends, in certain cases, to even compel defaulters to pay their taxes. From earlier reports,…

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The Iranian govenment approves cryptocurrency mining on a large scale

Following the agitation of non-cryptocurrency dealers over the excessive consumption of electricity by cryptocurrency miners with little or no pay, there arose a need for the Iranian Government  to settle the issue of legalisation or criminalization of cryptocurrency mining. According to a news report by MEHR News agency dated the 29th day of July, 2019,…

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On the Way to a groundbreaking $1 million in 2025

Read on how you can profit massively from the upcoming Bitcoin Halvening Fast-forward to 10 months from now, a notable event that affects the price of bitcoin and other crypto products, in general, is going to take place. The “Bitcoin halvening.” It can be said that the impact of ‘halvening’ on bitcoin price isn’t an…

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A Moon Blockchain Project

A Blockchain Project that set out to Tokenize and Apportions the Moon. A recent blockchain project has set up and registered a project that would divide and tokenize section of the lunar surface. The project is named Diana, which after the Roman goddess of the Moon and the hunt. The given project that launched on…

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