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Техногенная революция переворачивает мировой порядок: Вы готовы?

Мы прошли суровое испытание 2020 годом: коронавирус, кризис, конфликты, экономический спад, крах самых амбициозных проектов и рождение новых. И вот, Мир в очередной раз оказался на пороге глобальных изменений, которые могут изменить его до неузнаваемости.  Год начался с тревожных новостей и каждый человек осознал самую большую опасность: опасность выживания. Люди начали объединяться и пробовать выйти…

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Sergey Sevantsyan Joined Coindar & Colibri Group

Sergey Sevantsyan joined Colibri Group as a top manager and co-founder. Sergey Sevantsyan has headed the international communications department of Colibri Group and now there is an internal corporate discussion about the development of new areas of activity and the launch of a number of sub-projects that will harmoniously complement the main functional activities of Colibri Group and contribute to…

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BitCherry IPv8 Technology Boosts Industrial Transformation in 5G Era

In 2020, up to 82% of IP traffic will come from video, and 2/3 of network traffic will come from wireless networks and mobile devices. With the continuous evolution of video services, such as the provision of ultra high definition of 4K-8K video, virtual (VR)/augmented reality (AR), it will also promote the design of future…

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Introduction to Cellframe: blockchain services as an alternative approach to building dApps

The information today transfers almost instantly. The number of possible social connections is limited only by access to the Internet and a computer. One of the crucial issues nowadays is trust. How can we trust and verify those we communicate or work with? During the last century, humanity was focused on the complexity of verifications.…

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The killer Dapp 2020: Decentralized VPNs?

Last 10 years the phrase virtual private network or VPN to short become mainstream. Today, every teenager knows what it is and why it is necessary to be installed at almost any smartphone, laptop or tablet. Twenty years ago 99% of Internet users could…just use the Internet. Without crutches. But, the situation had been slowly but surely…

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