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Amazon is planning on developing a Blockchain Platform for ads and sharing its vacancy expectations

As we remember, Amazon is one of the global enterprises which have created its own blockchain and crypto system. So, if technologies develops, the team increases. That`s why Amazon is on the lookout for expert software developers who would create an add blockchain platform. Ads Blockchain: Amazon New Development To begin with, recently a vacancy…

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Using the Apple Card to Purchase Crypto is Against its Terms of Use

The specified Apple Card terms for the agreement have made it clear that users are not allowed to use the upcoming card service to make any crypto related transactions. Reuters reported that Goldman Sachs declared the terms on the 2nd of July. Apple is launching the Apple Card in collaboration with Goldman Sachs, an investment…

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How to Use a Blockchain System with Profit: S7 Airlines` Case

How to Use a Blockchain

Tomorrow we wrote about blockchain technologies in the travel industry. So, now let`s look at the great case study in numbers from the company S7 which shows how to yse a blockchain systems and get a perfect result. S7 Airlines achieved an amazing feat as of July 30th of this year. The airline has achieved…

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Crypto Technologies in Travel Industry

To begin with, after bitcoin revolutionized blockchain technology, many tech industry leaders started scrambling trying to figure out where this new technology might make sense. The banking industry started experimenting with blockchain tech first. Then, many other industries followed. Surprisingly, the travel industry seems to have the strongest grasp on blockchain tech, and by all…

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Cryptocurrencies Now — What Do the Leaders Think?

The world of cryptocurrency is largely mysterious to our governments and world leaders. That means, it is no surprise that cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin (BTC), are now gaining notoriety, but we stand a very real risk of regulation being placed against crypto due to their ignorance. So, what do different leaders think about cryptocurrencies? Brazil For…

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The State of Arizona to Test Marijuana-based Stablecoin in State Fintech Sandbox

Arizona has adopted a crypto-based, marijuana-oriented payment initiative into its Fintech sandbox. In a recent release by the attorney general of the state, Alta, which is a company that offers payment solutions to marijuana businesses and dispensaries plans to provide stablecoin at an equal value to the US dollars. Alta aims to test members’ onboarding…

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Bitcoin Ranks As 11th As EOS Still Tops China’s Monthly Crypto Rankings

The latest ranking released by Forex, crunched on the 31st of July, shows that bitcoin is the 11th performing cryptocurrency. According to the Chinese CCID Research Institute, the ranking reportedly was based on their application, innovation, and technology. The CCID is a research institute designed by the ministry of industry and information in China to…

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IRS plans to send compliance letters to crypto investors

Following a press release on July 26, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), The United States, is set to commence dispatching letters to investors in crypto in order to sort out all tax requirements for crypto tax. Following the assessment, it intends, in certain cases, to even compel defaulters to pay their taxes. From earlier reports,…

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